Getting Started

We will create an instance of Track US to exactly meet the needs of your department. We initially populate the solution with several items including:

1. A list of physicians that will have access to the application including their names, email, etc.

2. Exam components – Beginning with a list we provide of Exam Areas (e.g. Abdominal, Cardiac, etc.) and sub area Exam Types (e.g. Liver Size, Tamponade, etc.) you can modify this list to include exactly the components you require to track..

  • _k_ExamArea – The main area for an exam. Existing exams are Abdominal, Cardiac, HEENT, MSKL, Pulmonary, Soft Tissue, and Vacular. You may add or remove areas as you wish.
  • SortOrder is a number that provides a custom order for displaying the items when tracking.
  • ExamType – Sub area for the Exam
  • ExamTypeAbbrev – Optional abbreviation for the ExamType
  • ExamsRequiredCount – The number of exams required for certification
  • BonusAmount – Dollar amount payable if a physician gets certified in a specific exam area
  • Description – Optional description

3. Locations where you may be tracking. – Given a location (e.g. hospital, clinic, etc.) and general latitude/longitude the application will track where the exam was performed automatically.

Download the following Excel templates and modify the information as you require. We will need them to start your application. TrackUS Data Import